Motorcycle Touring: VT vs. NYC!

Last weekend, Emily and I took our annual tour around New York, Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, and Vermont. Along the way we shot a lot of footage. After looking through all of it, I was reminded how different motorcycling is depending on where you’re riding. For example,  riding in Vermont is much different from NYC.

Here, see for yourself!


Motorcycle vs Sunset!

A month ago I had an afternoon to kill, so I quickly packed up my camera equipment and rushed to the west end of Nantucket Island trying to capture the sunset on film. I hope you like it!


Stuck in the Sand!

I’m still really scared of riding through sand! I chickened out, came off the throttle, and got bogged down. Funny enough, it happened 20 feet from where I crashed a few weeks prior. The weather is getting colder up here in New England, so rediscovering this little clip sent me back to warm, warm July!


Dropping an Adventure Bike!

Ever since I had my first crash, I’m unable to keep my motorcycle on two wheels! Here’s an edit from my last solo ride around Nantucket Island.


Repairin’ in the Rain!

I was tired of my left boot getting covered in oil, so I went to work repairing the oil leak in my friend’s parent’s driveway. By the time I finished the rain had come and the sun had set!

Here’s Dave: Episode Four, Things Get Stranger in the Night!

Hi everyone!

Here is Episode Four of Here’s Dave, the web series documenting my travels around the United States. In this episode I meet John and Candall, two individuals who helped to define my trip. John’s unfettered kindness helped get my motorcycle back on the road, and Candall’s unique view of the world still resonates with me today. I hope you enjoy this installment and please be sure to let me know what you think!