“Turn around and take a forward step.”

180° South Poster180° South sat patiently in my Netflix queue for far too long. Part of me didn’t want to delve into another travel documentary for fear it would remind me I wasn’t on the road. In fact, after viewing the film, I didn’t feel guilty for laying under an electric blanket in a nice comfy bed at all. Rather, it inspired me to identify which of my own personal journeys I want to embark on next.

180° South is a film about nostalgia, friendship, solitude, and failure… but even that sounds reductive. The film can go as deep as you’d like, providing meaning on whatever levels you want. A mindless watch? Sure. Commentary on consumerism, globalization, and the impending privatization of natural resources in Chile? You bet.

Go watch it. You’ll be glad you did.


Here’s Dave: Episode Three, Advice to Live By!

Hello People!

Episode Three of Here’s Dave has been a long time coming, I know, but it is finally here! In this episode I’m in Lavonia, Georgia having lunch with three strangers, Carole, Jane, and Gary. They were the first people on my trip to really make me feel welcome and for that, I have a special place in my heart for them. Episode Three is an excerpt from a nearly hour-long conversation. I took a lot away from the conversation and I hope you do too.

Thanks for tuning into Here’s Dave!

Santa’s CB350.

Honda CB350

Me and Santa’s Honda CB350.

I used to live in Brooklyn.

It was a pretty neat spot actually- a converted cabinet factory on the fringes of Bedford Stuyvesant. I shared the loft with a doctor, a nurse, and a photographer. Christaan, the photographer, rode an old Honda CB77. When it was time to store the motorcycles, we would roll our bikes up the handicap ramp, through the lobby, into the tiny elevator, up to the second floor, and then ride down the hallway into our apartment. Anyway, you can imagine our neighbor’s faces when motorcycles flew past their doorstep. At one point we had three vintage Hondas dotting the living room.

When the holidays rolled around, this happened.


I’m Officially a Dad!

But not for the reason you think!

The other day I rode my motorcycle to New Hampshire to enter into MAX BMW’s “Winter Riding and Mileage Contest.” Whoever racks up the most miles by March 21, 2015, wins. Entering a dealership contest wearing my BMW Motorrad t-shirt is the most Dad-like thing I’ve done on a motorcycle.

I’m going to need your encouragement to get out on my motorcycle this winter and make movies. I want to get my miles up while keeping you all entertained!

Wednesday Takes the Wheel!



Wednesday takes the wheel.

I’ve spent so much time on my motorcycles I forgot how to drive a car!* Wednesday had to give me a crash course.


*Excuse works with Massachusetts State Police, too.


The Sport Touring Puppy!

557575_10200765656556702_1659534643_nI’ve been spending a lot of time going through old motorcycle pictures and videos lately, and I absolutely love when I stumble across shots like this! Wednesday perched atop the old RT.


Shh… They’re sleeping!

Motorcycles are just so adorable when they sleep.

Honda CB350

They’re so cute when they sleep on top of the covers.


She kicked her cover off in the night.

Kawasaki KLR650

Afternoon nap. Her older sister is having none of it!


All snuggled under the covers and cuddling her favorite helmet.

1987 BMW K100RT

Napping in the sun.



Sometimes things just tip over.


#1 Motorcycle Video of the Year: Danny Kush’s “Desolation.”


At least I think so!

Very rarely do I find a genuinely well shot motorcycle video, so when I find something like “Desolation” I melt. As you all know I visit abandoned locations on my motorcycle, take photographs, and write about it. Danny captures the experience in a whole new way. The degree of filmmaking, let alone riding, is absolutely something to aspire to. I’ve got to put my film degree to work!

I want to follow you on Twitter!


I have a desk, I have a Hula Girl, I have a to-do list, and now I have a Twitter account! I want to see what you all are up to! Follow @MrHeresDave and I’ll follow you back. We can giggle and Retweet each other all the time!

Bedtime Stories: That time I picked up a drunk hitchhiker!

Here’s the first installment of Bedtime Stories! I tested some new lighting, camera, and audio setups for this video, and aesthetically I think I’m on the right track. The next story will feature more motorcycle footage, so prepare yourselves! You can look for that in a few days. Episode Three of Here’s Dave will be out soon too, so get ready!