Across America: Creeping Through a Ghost Town.


Follow along as Emily and I make our way across Texas. With the flat tire patched, we found ourselves in Toyah, Texas. Toyah is a ghost town in west Texas, and has been on my list of places to visit for years.

While we were getting ready to film, two women, a mother and grown daughter, stopped us to chat. We talked about what Toyah used to be like and their hopes for the future.

Two fun facts, according to these women, before you watch:

  1. In the 1970s a small plane landed on the off ramp of Interstate 20 and taxied into Toyah.
  2. In the mid 2000s, a tornado/flood swept through the town, flooding the graveyard and causing caskets to float around the east end.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy!

5 Tips On Maintaining Your Motorcycle!

If you’ve had your motorcycle for a few years, then you have most likely had to perform some routine maintenance on it yourself. Sure, you could take it to a mechanic whenever something goes wrong, but part of the allure of bike ownership is the ability to take care of small things on your own so that you are better connected with your motorcycle. So, with that in mind, let’s go over five motorcycle maintenance tips to keep you on the road:

#1 Check Your Oil

There are a lot of moving parts on your bike, and they run smoothly because of the oil running through the system. However, as the oil cycles through, it gets dirty and less effective, which is why you have to change it. Learn how to change your own oil, and you can save a lot of money in the long run. Ask your local gas station or auto repair shop how to dispose of used motor oil. A lot of shops will let you dump the oil into their collection drums, free of charge.


Changing the oil at a truck stop somewhere in Ohio.


#2 Maintain Your Tires

Whether you have Metzeler tires for motorcycles (like me) or another brand, they will wear down eventually. As they lose their traction, you have to stay on top of replacing them, lest you get into an accident on the road. For safety reasons, don’t let them get bald before you swap them out. If you’ve followed me on my adventures for a while, you’ll know my bad luck with getting flat tires. Play it safe- don’t ride on a plugged tire for too long. Replace it!


Replacing the tires and chain on my old KLR650.


#3 Adjust Your Clutch

If you start to notice that shifting gears is not going as smoothly as it has before, you might want to tighten your clutch. However, don’t tighten it too much as it could lead to other problems. Find the sweet spot and be sure to check on it regularly.


Reassembling my CB350 in the kitchen.


#4 Clean Your Filters

As you ride, dirt and debris get sucked into your air filter, so make sure that it’s as clean as possible and change it often. A dirty air filter will affect your fuel efficiency and could cause other problems with your motorcycle. Imagine trying to run a marathon while trying to breath through a dense sponge. I imagine that’s what our motorcycles feel like when we forget to clean the air filter. 


Not a filter. 😉


#5 Clean Your Chain

The bike chain is the link between your engine and the wheels, so making sure that it’s clean will help your ride run much better overall. Wash it with paraffin and lubricate it with motor oil to keep it running in pristine condition. When you clean and adjust your chain, be sure to look at your sprockets. You can get a lot of life out of a set of sprockets, but when they’re out of spec, they can wear out the chain much quicker. Take it from me, I’ve destroyed my fair share of sprockets and chains on my old KLR650!


Replacing chain and sprockets on my old KLR650.

Overall, go through your bike’s manual and check all of the systems that you feel comfortable with on a regular basis and if necessary, replace the required parts. I’m about to get my old 1972 Honda CB350 back on the road, and by searching for aftermarket Honda motorcycle parts online, I’ve been able to find everything needed to get the motorcycle in tiptop shape!

Across America: Tip Over in Texarkana.

As soon as we got into Texas, we tipped over. Luckily, no one was hurt and the motorcycle suffered a tiny scratch on the crash bar. Night had fallen by the time we arrived in Dallas, so the majority of the exploration would have to wait until the next day.

Once the sun came up, we walked across the street to Dealey Plaza and the JFK Memorial. Talk about some powerful stuff. On our way out of Dallas, we retraced JFK’s motorcade route the day he was assassinated. It was a very emotional day.

Across America: Rockin’ to Little Rock.

Emily and I lay our heads in Knoxville, Tennessee before tearing off towards Little Rock, Arkansas. We crossed the Mississippi River and the reality set in: We’re a long way from home!

I hope you all really enjoy the video!


Across America: 500 Miles in 5 Scribbles.

We had to put some miles behind us when we left Alexandria, Virginia, so unfortunately I didn’t film anything. I still wanted to share the experience though! This is what I came up with- I know it’s a departure from my normal videos, but I hope you enjoy!

Oh, my run in with the law? I got a speeding ticket and a court date on our trip to Virginia Beach two years ago. Oops!

Across America: 28 Miles to Alexandria.

It was a nasty ride, so Emily and I decided to hold up in Alexandria, Virginia for the day eating food and watching the Bachelor. We’re twenty minutes from shoving off and heading towards Tennessee, so I’ve got to get moving!

I hope we can make it out of Virginia… Last time I was here I got a speeding ticket and met a judge!

Across America: Nantucket, NYC, and outside DC.

Follow along as Emily and I venture across the United States of America! This video documents the first three days of our journey together. After a day of riding through the rain, I stayed up until 1am last night editing, so I really hope you enjoy it!

Our sights are set for Los Angeles, California via Tucson, Arizona, so if you have any recommendations along the way, please get in touch!

We’re motorcycling across America!

BMW R1200GSA Ferry Nantucket

Emily and I have safely made it off Nantucket Island and have our sights set on the West Coast. We have thousands of miles ahead of us, but can’t wait to see what unfolds along the way!

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Exploring Jetties Beach in 75 Seconds.

It’s been about 20 years since I hopped from rock to rock  on the western jetty of Nantucket harbor. With a free hour this afternoon I jumped on the motorcycle and took off for the outskirts of town. I had a great time watching the ferries come and go while the waves lapped against the enormous boulders.

Then I had a meatball sub.

The World’s Worst Seaman.

I don’t even know what to say! I was in the middle of filming one of my motorcycle rides when I was invited onto a scallop boat. It didn’t go quite as planned, but no matter, I had a killer day.

I hope you enjoy the tour of Nantucket’s harbor!