500 Miles in 5 Scribbles.

We had to put some miles behind us when we left Alexandria, Virginia, so unfortunately I didn’t film anything. I still wanted to share the experience though! This is what I came up with- I know it’s a departure from my normal videos, but I hope you enjoy!

Oh, my run in with the law? I got a speeding ticket and a court date on our trip to Virginia Beach two years ago. Oops!

Across America: 28 Miles to Alexandria.

It was a nasty ride, so Emily and I decided to hold up in Alexandria, Virginia for the day eating food and watching the Bachelor. We’re twenty minutes from shoving off and heading towards Tennessee, so I’ve got to get moving!

I hope we can make it out of Virginia… Last time I was here I got a speeding ticket and met a judge!

Across America: Nantucket, NYC, and outside DC.

Follow along as Emily and I venture across the United States of America! This video documents the first three days of our journey together. After a day of riding through the rain, I stayed up until 1am last night editing, so I really hope you enjoy it!

Our sights are set for Los Angeles, California via Tucson, Arizona, so if you have any recommendations along the way, please get in touch!


We’re motorcycling across America!

BMW R1200GSA Ferry Nantucket

Emily and I have safely made it off Nantucket Island and have our sights set on the West Coast. We have thousands of miles ahead of us, but can’t wait to see what unfolds along the way!

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Exploring Jetties Beach in 75 Seconds.

It’s been about 20 years since I hopped from rock to rock  on the western jetty of Nantucket harbor. With a free hour this afternoon I jumped on the motorcycle and took off for the outskirts of town. I had a great time watching the ferries come and go while the waves lapped against the enormous boulders.

Then I had a meatball sub.

The World’s Worst Seaman.

I don’t even know what to say! I was in the middle of filming one of my motorcycle rides when I was invited onto a scallop boat. It didn’t go quite as planned, but no matter, I had a killer day.

I hope you enjoy the tour of Nantucket’s harbor!

The Pre Blizzard Motorcycle Ride.

As I write this, there’s about an inch of snow and ice caked on the north side of our home. Yesterday’s baby sized snow storm is nothing compared to the blizzard that’s currently raging outside. Before the weather completely turned, Emily and I filled our spare fuel cans, tested the generator, and stocked up on treats. We were 98% prepared to weather the storm.

That 2%? I forgot to check our propane levels and by 12:38pm we had completely lost heat. Thankfully, Nantucket is the kind of community that really looks after one another. By 2:45pm a fuel truck came and filled our tanks. Our home is slowly coming back up to temperature while the frigid coastal winds huff and puff outside.

Luckily we haven’t lost power, so I’ve been able to edit together yesterday’s footage. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Riding a Motorcycle in Gale Force Winds.

Today was nasty! The wind was howling and the rain came down sideways, but I couldn’t let that keep me off the motorcycle. I rode around my village of ‘Sconset checking out the wild surf and the houses along the bluff. I hope you enjoy!

Weekend Ride: The Bittersweet Blizzard.

One of the many things unique to New England is how fast the weather can change on you. Yesterday, Emily and I dropped into Bittersweet Co. in Hopkinton, Massachusetts for a quick treat. It was sunny when we walked in and a blizzard when we walked out!

Hope you enjoy and keep an eye out for next weekend’s video!

The Lost Vermont Road Trip.

Last night, I uncovered a forgotten video I made documenting a trip to Vermont Emily and I took last year. After rewatching, all the memories of the trip came back and reminded me why I make these videos. It’s a chance, long after the fact, to revisit some of my most cherished memories. Not only with Emily, but while on a motorcycle. I’m really glad I’m able to share these with you. I hope you enjoy!